Methodist Behavioral HospitalSMALLToday Methodist Family Health provides the only comprehensive behavioral healthcare system to children and families of Arkansas. Through its Continuum of Care and range of services and venues, Methodist Family Health helps rebuild the lives of children and families.

Comprehensive Care

Methodist Family Health offers levels of care ranging from the most restrictive service level (acute psychiatric hospital care) to the least restrictive service level (outpatient counseling), simultaneously providing all intermediate residential levels of care.

Through the continuum of services provided, Methodist Family Health brings great value to the youth and families in its care, by allowing them to be cared for in the least restrictive setting appropriate, with continuity of care provided through consistent use of the Teaching-Family model of care. This allows youth and families to transition between varying service level intensities while still maintaining a consistent program format.

The end goal is achieved when the client becomes proficient in social and independent living skills and is reunited with family, moves to the least restrictive residential treatment setting such as Therapeutic Foster Home Care, or re-enters the community as an adult.

Treatment for Families

In addition to caring for children, families are served in many instances. Arkansas CARES offers treatment for women with addictive disorders and for their children. The Counseling Clinic, with nine community locations and school-based programs in eight communities statewide, offers outpatient mental health services for children and their families.

Teaching-Family Model

All residential and inpatient treatment programs of Methodist Family Health use the same nationally recognized Teaching-Family Model of Care, a model receiving acclaim from numerous agencies and reviewing entities.

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