This program serves children and youth, kindergarten through 12th grade, who can no longer function in a regular academic school setting. Students work with a multidisciplinary team to address their educational, behavioral, emotional and social needs.

The program offers small classroom size and individualized instruction. Teachers can focus on a particular issue or problem a child is facing and truly help that child — instead of passing the child along to someone else. We are truly addressing those educational needs and behavioral issues.

Through the coordinated effort of therapists, the educational staff and the behavioral staff — all under one roof — we’re better able to serve the youth in the program because each piece insures that all issues are being addressed.

Each client receives individual therapy and group therapy five days a week, and family therapy two times a month.

All teachers are special education certified, with 10 or more years of experience. Our teachers cover the whole gamut of curriculum, and students’ academic achievement does not “drop off” by spending time at our facility.

With behavioral staff on board, each child is able to work on those issues without feeling threatened or like they are being ostracized or bullied.

With a psychiatrist and psychologist on staff, we are able to address medication needs the child might have. This removes any stigma that might be associated with these sorts of issues, as there is a high degree of confidentiality.

Day Treatment services are currently offered in Little Rock at 2000 Aldersgate Road, and in Benton at 410 River St.

For more information, call 501.906.4250 or fax 501.217.9758.