Break the Cycle of Dating Abuse
October 16, 2017
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As an organization that works with children who have experienced or witnessed - or both - physical, sexual and emotional abuse, Methodist Family Health understands the long-lasting damage this violence has on children, their families, friends, teachers and community. Because domestic violence isn't something people want to acknowledge is taking place, more people than we realize are being hurt and continuing these patterns while dating. For example, did you… Continue Reading →
Share the Light – Krysta’s Story
October 11, 2017
Krysta White grew up in a Methodist Family Health group home. Today, she is a wife, mom, college graduate and valued employee of Methodist Family Health, sharing her light of hope, peace and stability with kids we serve today. This is her story. Krysta Shares the Light   Would you like to share the light with your congregation this holiday season? Please download any of these files to use in your sermons, bulletins, e-newsletters or… Continue Reading →
Methodist Family Health Deals with Adverse Childhood Experiences
September 28, 2017
Researchers are learning more and more about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), which can affect a person's physical and mental health throughout her or his lifetime. This special supplement developed by the Arkansas Times outlines what Methodist Family Health can provide children and families dealing with ACEs and other mental, emotional, behavioral and spiritual issues. Read more: Arkansas Times Mental Health 09-28 Continue Reading →
Compassionate Care. Passionate Physicians.
September 20, 2017
Methodist Family Health has been serving Arkansas for 118 years. First established in 1899 as an orphanage in Central Arkansas, we have evolved and grown over the years to serve children and families in Arkansas with mental, behavioral and emotional needs. With the help of our compassionate physicians, we are able to provide healthcare in 22 locations throughout the state. Without our committed team, none of our work would be possible! We honored them with… Continue Reading →
Suicide Prevention Awareness: What Everyone Needs To Know
September 10, 2017
Many Arkansans view suicide as something to whisper about behind closed doors, or something to hide altogether. Yet 41,000 individuals die every year by suicide, and it is the 10th leading cause of death among adults in the U.S. and the 2nd leading cause of death among people ages 10-24. And those numbers are increasing at an alarming rate. In 2016, the New York Times reported that suicide in the United States has reached a… Continue Reading →
August Issue Inviting Arkansas
August 17, 2017
From big hats to faux horse races, Southern Silks is one of our favorite and biggest events of the year! What better way to support behavioral and mental health care for Arkansas children and families than with a post-race Kentucky Derby inspired soiree? Last May, we spent the evening celebrating with live and silent auctions, dinner and libations, and more! In case you missed August’s issue of Inviting Arkansas, we’ve included a little Q& A… Continue Reading →
Ease Back Into Back-To-School Mode
August 10, 2017
For many parents, summer is the time to relax the rules and put bedtimes on hold. But then August rolls around, and parents start to panic. “School is only two weeks away!” There are classes to confirm, backpacks to fill, jeans to buy and lunches to plan, all while preparing our kids mentally and emotionally for a new school year. To help make this a successful transition – meaning less anxiety for kids AND caregivers… Continue Reading →
Keep Summer Break From Breaking You
July 5, 2017
  For many parents, school can’t wrap up fast enough. The early-morning scramble, the late-night projects, the checking backpacks / homework / due dates / EVERYTHING – it all adds up to overwhelming. But now that we’re well into the break, a whole new dynamic could be making these long summer days seem a little too long. Can you keep sibling squabbles, activities, childcare issues and more from putting a damper on your summer? Yes!… Continue Reading →
Budget Summer Activities
June 29, 2017
  Summer time brings about exciting opportunities for children and families as well as many potential challenges. Keeping children active, entertained and giving them continued room to learn and grow can sometimes be difficult for parents who are working or who have limited finances. It’s also important to keep in mind your child’s individual needs especially for those children who experience sensory related issues, struggle in social situations, or who are impulsive or easy to… Continue Reading →
Summer Sibling Health
June 23, 2017
  Every kid looks forward to summertime because it means some time off from school, but it has the potential to be much less exciting for parents of multiple children. Playtime can quickly turn into arguments, which can escalate into screaming and crying. Summertime arguments between siblings leave everyone unhappy. If you have a close relationship with a sibling, you know that the friendship between siblings is something special. Ashley Petray, therapist at Methodist Family… Continue Reading →