Summer Sibling Health
June 23, 2017
  Every kid looks forward to summertime because it means some time off from school, but it has the potential to be much less exciting for parents of multiple children. Playtime can quickly turn into arguments, which can escalate into screaming and crying. Summertime arguments between siblings leave everyone unhappy. If you have a close relationship with a sibling, you know that the friendship between siblings is something special. Ashley Petray, therapist at Methodist Family… Continue Reading →
Purposeful Parenting
June 19, 2017
With kids being home in the summer, it’s the perfect time to practice purposeful parenting! Parenting can be difficult at times – it takes courage, commitment, and consistency. It is being flexible when necessary and understanding that even with misbehavior, children are trying to communicate their need for help. Discipline is to teach, so it is important to understand positive intent in order to help children be successful. A child's purpose in life is to… Continue Reading →
Bright Night
May 26, 2017
We are excited to announce a brand new event taking place on August 4 at Big Rock Fun Park – BRIGHT NIGHT! With a night full of mini golf, laser tag, go-karts and more, Bright Night will mean brighter days for children and families served by Methodist Family Health! Tickets are $30 per person in advance or at the door. Click here to purchase! Contact Denise Luft at or 501.906.4201 today. Continue Reading →
Help, hope and healing for grieving children
May 8, 2017
More than a million children nationwide will lose a parent by age 15. Many more will lose siblings, other relatives, caregivers, and close friends. These profound losses affect daily lives, academic and social functioning, and growth toward adulthood. Furthermore, research shows that adult depression, schizophrenia, drug problems, and alcohol use may all be linked to childhood bereavement. Camp Healing Hearts provides a safe and caring environment for children ages 5-18 and their families who have… Continue Reading →
April 5, 2017
According to the Office of Adolescent Health, approximately one in five adolescents have a diagnosable mental health disorder, and nearly a third show symptoms of depression. Yet a recent study revealed that less than half of adolescents with psychiatric disorders received any kind of treatment in the preceding year. Clearly, there is a gap in care. But why? Here are four of the biggest obstacles preventing adolescents from accessing mental health services: 1. SOCIAL STIGMA… Continue Reading →
Neuroscience is Helping Shed Light on Mental Disorders
March 15, 2017
During Brain Awareness Week, we’re striving to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research, especially concerning mental health disorders. Neuroscientists are uncovering the brain processes involved in behavioral illnesses, and there is great promise for development of more effective treatments in the near future.   A Neurological Approach Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease are clearly brain diseases that should be treated by neurologists. But is it accurate to group… Continue Reading →
Lent – Make This a Time to Give
March 1, 2017
The season of Lent is often focused on giving up something or doing without. Many Christians today observe Lent by “fasting” in a modern way, by giving up something, whether it’s potato chips, social media or watching reality TV, for example. But this year, consider a different approach and GIVE a simple gift that will help someone in need. Fasting While fasting takes the form of refraining from eating or giving something up, it is… Continue Reading →
‘Get Up & Give’ Gifts Touch Lives of Children and Families
February 13, 2017
Methodist Family Health invites Arkansans to honor the season of Lent and “get up and give” items that will make a difference in the lives of children, youth and families served by the 118-year-old organization. The eighth annual Get Up & Give collection drive will be held in the weeks leading up to Easter, March 1-April 13. All donated items will benefit those who rely on Methodist Family Health for behavioral, emotional and spiritual care.… Continue Reading →
Mental Wellness
January 27, 2017
Now that we’re settling into 2017, it’s a great time to focus on creating a happier, healthier home for your child (and for you!). Read on for easy tips on improving mental wellness all year long. BOOST CONFIDENCE. Want your child to feel capable? Give sincere compliments. “You were so patient at the grocery store!” or “That homework was hard, but I’m proud of you for sticking with it.” Speak positive words and encourage your… Continue Reading →
Gift Ideas for the Special Kids in Your Life
December 16, 2016
If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for a child with mental health or behavioral problems, here are some suggestions from Justin Cox, LPC, a Methodist Family Health therapist at SUCCESS Achievement Academy in Jonesboro: Kinetic Sand is a three-dimensional building toy made of 98 percent sand and 2 percent polydimethylsiloxane (a type of silicone oil) that mimics the physical properties of wet sand. Kinetic Sand was originally designed for sculpting but is commonly… Continue Reading →