Gift Ideas for the Special Kids in Your Life

Christmas Gifts for Children mental or behavioral problems

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for a child with mental health or behavioral problems, here are some suggestions from Justin Cox, LPC, a Methodist Family Health therapist at SUCCESS Achievement Academy in Jonesboro:

Kinetic Sand is a three-dimensional building toy made of 98 percent sand and 2 percent polydimethylsiloxane (a type of silicone oil) that mimics the physical properties of wet sand. Kinetic Sand was originally designed for sculpting but is commonly sold as indoor play sand for children. It’s a favorite sensory play material for kids with anxiety, depression, or impulse/anger control problems because is soothing to touch and mold.

Play-Doh, the classic modeling clay, never goes out of style. Now available in a wide variety of colors, Play-Doh is a favorite for all kids for the soothing and relaxation benefits it provides.

Tangle is an engaging twisty therapy toy approved for children on the autism spectrum because its interconnected pieces are soothing to connect and move around in the hand.

Legos, the toy building bricks, offer hours of fun, while helping improve and develop creativity and imagination in children. A host of bonus building components and Lego sets are available.

Art therapy coloring books provide many therapeutic benefits. Mandala art therapy books are particularly helpful and scientifically proven to help children with anxiety and depression.

[Justin Cox, LPC, is a Methodist Family Health therapist at SUCCESS Achievement Academy in Jonesboro.]